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CHAPTER 1 - Conception
Our Fertile Minds
How our book ideas were conceived
Tech Talk Ghost-Writing, Editing, Coaching and Indexing
Finding a Publisher
Tech Talk Having Presence and Platform –Author Branding

CHAPTER 2 - The News
I’m Publishing a Book!
Sharing the News...support, or lack thereof
Tech Tips Should I use my real name?
The Sonogram
Tech Talk Creating Great Book Covers
Letting Go — Giving the Manuscript to the Publisher
Tech Talk What’s an ARC, The Pre-Pub Package, What’s a Pitch?
Receiving & Sending ARCs

CHAPTER 3 - Pre-Natal Care
Book Midwifery
Morning sickness • Weight Gain • Cravings
Tech Talk What’s a “Publication Date”? The Bookstore Shelf Dream
The Nine-Month Book Birthing Plan
Our Marketing Plans
Tech Tips To Hire a Professional PR Agent, Or Not?

CHAPTER 4 - The Birth
Holding my Baby!
Beholding our books for the first time
Tech Tips Questions from newbie authors
Book Events • Hate Mail & Bad Reviews • Distribution • Endorsements • Bookstore Signings • Media Follow-Up • Radio • TV • Oprah
Funny Publishing Stats

CHAPTER 5 - Newborns
Baby for Sale
The first few months
Tech Talk Pitch Your Niche
Navigating the Amazon Jungle
Tech Talk Making the most of Amazon
Discounts • Rankings • Reviews • Bestseller Campaigns
Returns–is something wrong with my baby?

CHAPTER 6 - Toddlers
Baby’s Got Bling
One Author’s First Year in Review
Highlights of our Success
Tech Talk Book Awards
Getting Nominated
Into the Green Room — Baby Gets a Khyron!
Sales, Expenses, and More
Tech Talk Selling Outside of Bookstores
The B.S. in BestSeller Lists

CHAPTER 7 - Raising Books & Babies
The life of a Mom Writer
More Babies, How having a book has influenced our lives
Tech Tips Our Favorite Resources & Tips for Mom Writers

CHAPTER 8 - The Secret & Science to Getting Your Book Published
The Alchemy of Publishing
The Principles Chart
Define & Measure the 4 Principles
The 4 Publishing Options
Tech Talk What to do Next…

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About the Author
About Wyatt-MacKenzie