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  PREFACE by Nancy C. Cleary
I learned a lot during the first seven years of running my independent press. My experiences taught me the power of an author’s platform; the many sides of distribution; how to land publicity; and especially the reality of what authors feel throughout the book publishing process. The isolation, confusion, pressure, and endless decisions a new author faces can be overwhelming. Wrong choices or unmet expectations can be devastating. On the other hand, the sheer joy, exhilaration, and empowerment an author feels are worth any pain, and may only be truly appreciated by others who have experienced it.
In 2005 I created a membership program, the Mom-Writers Publishing Cooperative, which provided writers with what I had learned they needed: author branding, book marketing materials, platform-building, PR consulting, and a support group. I helped them–and they helped each other–plan and execute a seven-month pre-publication marketing campaign for their books which was presented to our distributor for bookstore reps and buyers.

As part of their membership in the co-op I asked my authors to document their journey and respond to questions at each stage of the process. These 24 talented women generously held nothing back, as you will see when you read their contributions.

My goal for A Book is Born is to give the writers and would-be authors who read this book the support, answers, and encouragement the members found in the co-op. It worked for them–I hope it will work for you too!