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FOREWORD by Jennifer Basye Sander

“But what is it like?
What is it really like to be published?”

I hear that question all the time from the audience at writers’ conferences. That seems to be what keeps so many writers going with their projects, the hope that, once they are published, their lives will take a dramatic turn.

A Book is Born answers that question for them. Twenty four women who put it all out there on the page about what it is really like to be published, from start to finish. From coming up with the idea to at long last holding a finished copy in your hand, Nancy Cleary and friends give you an inside look at the process.

No matter where you are now in the process yourself, you’ll find new and helpful information, advice, and strategies in this book that will give you a greater chance for success with your own work. Read it. And then get back to work on your own project so you, too, can join the publishing world.