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What you’ll find in this Book

PART ONE - 24 authors tell all
Peek inside the minds of 24 published authors. We laugh that publishing a book is like having a baby—so prepare for the next nine months! Follow us through the conception of the book idea; to why it is so important for mom writers to publish; to sharing the news; pre-natal care (also known as pre-publication marketing); the actual birth; the bling (when baby wins a book award), and through the media successes (baby’s name is on a khyron!) See it all through our eyes.

Tech Talk (from the experts) & Tech Tips (from the authors)
in between the stories and the principles of getting published you will find technical terms and industry lingo defined, as well as invaluable insider tips and examples.
PART TWO - The Secret & Science to Getting Published
The Four Principles of Publishing
We share the science behind four publishing principles: how to write well, build a platform, pitch, and publish, combined with your own personal passion.

What you won’t find in this Book
This book is not about developing your craft as a writer, or about finding time as a busy mom to write. For professional writers striving for a major book deal, this is just a glimpse of what can be accomplished in the indie world of publishing.

This book is not about getting rejected, and how to handle it. It is about making a decision to become a published author; to do whatever it takes to turn the manuscript you have labored over into a book. It is a decision to use your energy to move mountains; a decision to put your belief in yourself on the line.

Goals for this Book
If you want to get published…
My goal is for you to imagine yourself as a member of this community of authors, letting them help you envision how you will take each step with your book. In Part Two, I have provided you with the knowledge and tools that will help you along through this awesome, magical, overwhelming, and unbelievably fulfilling journey of becoming a published author.

If you are already published…
I hope you feel a sense of camaraderie and shared appreciation with the women in this book. From their experiences may you find new ideas for your own books. The principles in Part Two will be very familiar to you, but still may give you ideas on how to expand on your success.

~ Nancy C. Cleary - 2007