From November 1, 2007 to March 31, 2008 we held the A Book is Born Pitch Competition.
The winner was announced April 1, 2008. We look forward to an October release of Instead of Medicating and Punishing.
Our Winner!
Author and child advocate Laurie A. Couture with her son.


Parents in our culture today are bombarded by “experts” offering more “tools,” “programs,” diagnoses, “treatments” and medications than we can keep up with. Why doesn't any of it seem to help our children act and feel better? In this book, parents will learn that children's brains are wired from conception through adolescence to need certain parenting and educational conditions that are different from almost everything that we have grown up with or have learned from our culture.

Instead of Medicating and Punishing will help parents learn what people in peaceful tribal cultures have known about parenting and education for millennia. Most importantly, it will help parents actually heal their children's mental health, behavioral and learning problems at the root causes, resulting in genuine improvements in family happiness.

This book is for parents of children of all ages, from pregnancy through late adolescence. It is for parents of children who have mild, moderate or severe mental health, learning or behavioral problems and also addresses the special needs of adoptive children.